Membership Information

Mapra membership is open to those individuals with direct involvement in and who are primarily responsible for, the recruitment, onboarding, retention or acquisition of physicians and advanced practice providers. members must be employed by a hospital, health system, clinic, practice or managed care organization. members can be employed by or contracted employees of a member entity. mapra membership is not open to those individuals engage in recruiting through an outside recruitment agency or firm.


  • Networking – Since all of MAPRA’s members are in-house physician recruiters we are a great resource to share ideas and strategies with. You can develop relationships with peers within your region.

  • Mentorship – MAPRA has a mentorship program that pairs seasoned recruiters with those new to the field. If you are interested in participating, please contact the membership committee. To see the MAPRA mentorship and discussion guidelines-Click here

  • Annual Conference – Once a year, MAPRA members get together to learn the most up to date industry tools and trends available to help recruit, onboard and retain physicians and advanced practice providers.


MAPRA membership application

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  • Please submit your completed application to:  MAPRA Treasurer, Rachel Jones, at 3020 Market Street, Apt 4, Camp Hill, PA 17011

  • Please enclose a check for the $100 annual membership fee made payable to Mid-Atlantic Physician Recruiter Alliance

  • Credit card payments are available. Please fill out the appropriate information on the application form and return it to MAPRA Treasurer, Rachel Jones, at 3020 Market Street, Apt 4, Camp Hill, PA 17011.

  • If you have any membership questions, please email Elissa Davidson, Membership Chair

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